CIXAPIv2 Testing (Deprecated)
These pages have been deprecated, please use the new CIXAPIv3 pages here: CIXAPIv3 Developer Documentation

API Test Harness

When you log into the CIX developer tools application for the first time, we create an auth token for you based on the ConsumerID and ConsumerToken of this application and your userID on CIX. Any application you build will need to do the same before it can access the API methods.

Calling a methodOnce you have logged in you can use the test harness to experiment with the available methods. Simply select the method you wish to call from the methods drop-down menu, and a list of required parameters will be displayed. Enter some valid values into required fields, then press "Execute" to fire the method.

Depending on what you have selected in the "Response Format" drop-down, you will receive a response back from the server either in XML or in JSON.

Application IDs

By default the "Test Harness" application details are used to sign each method request. To create your own application you must create it on the "Applications" tab.